Dough4Degrees Scholarship Chat – Danielle Jeffers

The November 3, 2016 #CampusChat with Danielle Jeffers, founder of @dough4degrees, provided great tips for any student willing to take charge of their college costs and scholarship search. You will find the Q & A from the chat below.

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#CampusChat November 3, 2016

1-  Get ready for a night of inspiration and exploration! Tonight’s guest is Danielle Jeffers, a six-figure scholarship earner. #CampusChat

2- Danielle is the founder of @dough4degrees, a @virginia_tech student, a Boys & Girls Club alumna, and a @cityofdanville native. #CampusChat

Q1 Why did you go after scholarships in high school

  • My parents told me “We can’t afford to send you to college, but you still have to go.” 
  • I knew I wanted to further my education, but I didn’t want to go into debt. So, I started my scholarship journey. 
  • I woke up at 5am on weekdays and weekends to finish applications. My goal required more of me than I thought I had. 

Q2 How did you begin your scholarship search

  • The 1st step was telling people that I needed money to go to school. 
  • I told my family, guidance dept., friends, peers, mentors, educators, and local organizations that I needed scholarships. 
  • You never know who is in an organization that provides scholarships. Share your need with others. 
  • Those conversations led to a team of editors, references, and resources in Virginia. 
  • I started my scholarship journey without knowledge about the scholarship process, but I learned along the way. 

Q3 What tools did you use to find scholarships

  • My main resource was my local guidance dept. GWHS guidance dept. in @cityofdanville produced a monthly newsletter. 
  • I also applied for and received national + institutional scholarships suggested by my team of resources. 
  • One of the most memorable scholarships was Financial Education Services’ Youth Financial Literacy Foundation Scholarship. 
  • I earned a $6,000 scholarship + an all-expense paid 3-day trip to Las Vegas, NV. The application is live! 
  • Here’s the link to the YFL scholarship: The deadline is Dec. 15, 2016. 

Q4 What are some of the benefits of the scholarship process

  • The scholarship process will improve your writing skills if you strive for excellence. Repetition breeds habits. 
  • Scholarships will also teach you how to be resilient. NO MEANS NOT NOW! 
  • Scholarships are a numbers game. Apply for more to earn more. 
  • A YES is probably coming your way soon. 
  • Don’t let a rejection letter disturb your work ethic. Keep pushing forward! 

Q5 What tips do you have for students applying for scholarships

  • Build a team of references, editors, and resources. 
  • Set a financial goal to earn a certain amount of scholarships in a certain amount of time. 
  • Apply for at least 5 scholarships a week. 
  • Always do your best. Set a standard of excellence. Serve in your community. Ask for help. 
  • Follow my “10 Tips to Earning Thousands in Hours.”

Q6 How many scholarships did you apply for senior year? How many did you win

  • I applied for approximately 30 scholarships during my senior year. I received close to 20 of them. 
  • I set a goal to apply for at least 5 scholarships every week. 
  • All scholarship applicants should set a weekly goal. Remember, scholarships are a numbers game. 

Q7 Did you continue applying for scholarships after you were in college? 

  • Yes! I’m still applying for scholarships today. Scholarships pay for my books and college costs such as tuition and fees. 
  • The scholarships I’m applying for now are for studying abroad and engaging in learning experience outside of the classroom. 
  • My weekly scholarship goal in college is 3 per week. 

Q8 How does applying for scholarships before you’re in college compare to after

  • Most of the scholarships I applied for and received in high school were local. 
  • There were a few institutional and local scholarships also. 
  • Most of the scholarships I apply for now are national and institutional. I’m doing research on local resources. 

Q9 What is Dough 4 Degrees and why did you start it

Dough 4 Degrees, LLC is a scholarship coaching company. 

  • We consult with our clients on a monthly basis, teaching them how to finance their education without loans.
  • I founded the company in January of 2016 after earning over $100,000 in scholarships in five months. 
  • We also produce content via blog posts, social media, and fee-based monthly consultations. 

Q10 What is your best tip for students who want to win scholarships

  • Be persistent. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. 
  • Create a routine that fits into your schedule and follow it. 
  • Build a team of editors, references, and resources. It’s easier to apply for scholarships when you have a team. 
  • Input all deadlines into your phone and create notifications. Try to submit each scholarship a week before the deadline. 
  • Follow my 10 Tips to Earning Thousands in Hours