Scholarship Mom Tip #188: Go for the Gold With An Easy Strategy

easy strategy

Just as Olympic athletes from all over the world compete for medals, scholarship searching students are seeking the gold in their own way as college is fast approaching. With that in mind, many students wonder how they will find the time to work on scholarships and write essays while they are busy in school.

Go for the Gold

One way in which students can save time and apply for more scholarships is to use this easy strategy of using well-written essays for multiple applications. Writing scholarship essays is tedious, and even painful, for many students. When a student writes an essay that they have put their heart and soul into, this golden essay should be used as often as possible, keeping in mind grammar, spelling, word-count, and content guidelines for each scholarship.

Scholarship searching, applying, and winning may seem like an Olympic event, but it can be done! I firmly believe in partnering with your student and making the process a team effort. When they win gold, parents also win in the form of less tuition money to come up with and loans to re-pay. I’m passing the torch to you as I share the methods my son and I used to help him win scholarships and graduate from college 100% debt-free.

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