Scholarship Mom Tip #184: Save Some Scholarships for Later

Scholarship Mom Tip #184: Save Some Scholarships for Later

Don’t be surprised if you find you need to save some scholarships for later!

No matter what level in school you or your students are, a growing and detailed scholarship list should be something that you are continually forming. This process starts when you are first exploring the scholarship process and doesn’t end until the student has graduated from college.

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Scholarship Mom Tip #184: Save Some Scholarships for Later

What I mean by this is, during your search for scholarship information (winning tips, how to find them, what local ones are available, how to write a great essay, etc…) you will run across all kinds of current scholarship opportunities.

One award might be for college freshmen and your student is a high school junior. Instead of ignoring the scholarship details and moving on to the next award, carefully jot down the requirements and make note to revisit the scholarship when the student is a freshman in college.

Likewise, say your oldest child is a high school junior and you find a great scholarship opportunity for a middle school student. Instead of skipping the details, think about your youngest child and start his or her OWN list while you are creating the list for your oldest child.

Using this process will save parents and students tons of time and allow them to have a longer and more detailed scholarship list. Some of the scholarships may be for future years, but this is OK and a great way to stay on top of the scholarship process as long as your child needs help paying for school.

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