Scholarship Mom Tip #183: Demonstrate Interest in a College

demonstrate interest

Showing a college that you care is a smart way to increase a student’s chances of being awarded a scholarship by that school. More commonly known as “demonstrated interest”, this is a method of connecting with the colleges that a student is interested in and showing them how much the student would like to be accepted and attend.

Many colleges take note of this interest and it often helps in admissions and scholarship decisions. Here are a few examples of how to demonstrate interest:

  • Call or email the admissions and financial aid office with questions (prudently!)
  • Create a Pinterest board dedicated to that college
  • Following the college on social media and making positive interactions
  • Visit the college on planned student visits and/or random visits while the family is in the area
  • Send a thank you note to the admissions or financial aid staff member that was met while visiting
  • Attend local college fairs and saving contact cards from school representatives, then contacting them specifically with questions

Of course, none of these actions can guarantee a scholarship award, but they can’t hurt and all of them help a student to determine if a college is actually right for them.

Have you or your student demonstrated interest in a college? Share how in the comments section!

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