Parent College Coach Tip #112: Time Flies–It Really Does

time flies

About halfway through senior year parents wonder if it will ever end. All the college visits, testing, essays, applications, financial aid forms, and decisions to be made the year is finally coming to an end. The past is past and the next few months will be filled with angst and excitement about the future.

Time flies—it really does. It seems like yesterday that you were dropping her off for 1st grade and soon you will be dropping her off for her first day of college. The summer will bring its challenges, emotional moments and even feelings that you can’t wait for her to leave. Tempers will flare and tears will flow. Words will be exchanged, both words of wisdom and words of fear and concern.

Time flies. Soon summer will be over and you will deliver her to the next destination in her life—college. You will take a deep breath, let go as best you can, and hope and pray that you’ve raised a strong, independent child that will be able to exist without your constant prodding, and reminding about daily tasks and responsibilities.

For those parents of high school juniors, soon-to-be seniors, pay attention to this warning. Time does fly. It flies by so fast. I whooshes by like a speeding train and the next year will be gone before you know it. In the midst of all the tasks surrounding the college prep process, remind yourself that this is it. This is the year that you and your student have been working for. This is the year that will bring those extreme emotional highs and also some lows. In the middle of all the stress, remind yourself that time flies—it really does.

Speaking from experience, savor the moments. For senior parents, bask in your child’s accomplishments and beam with pride. For junior parents, saddle up your horses. It’s going to be a wild and exciting ride.




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