Scholarship Mom Tip #173: Take Scholarship Advice When?

Sad Pug Puppy
Scholarship Mom’s brother is going to be in the dog house if he waits until senior year to help his daughter with scholarships.

I’m out-of-town visiting family this week and today my brother mentioned how glad he was that he had my scholarship guide information for his daughter, who is a high school freshman. He said in three years when, she is a senior, he and his wife would read my guide and follow my winning scholarship advice.


Waiting until students are seniors in high school to start the college scholarship process is NOT smart.

There are scholarships available for all levels of high school students, and even middle and elementary students. Also, applying for scholarships is just a small part of the process. Scholarship Prep needs to start early, to get students into a favorable position when the time comes to apply for as many awards as they possibly can.

Scholarship Prep begins in elementary school and continues until students graduate from college, yes, college!

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Learn how to apply SMART and help your student apply for and win as many scholarships as possible. Start now, no matter how old or young your student is.

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