Scholarship Hunting? Siblings Can Help

It was National Siblings Day the other day and naturally my scholarship loving mind thought about how siblings can help each other in the quest to win scholarship money.

Here are 3 ways in which the first scholarship searching student can help his or her siblings:

1. Same parents – same club affiliations. The club scholarships that one student qualified to apply for should be the same for the whole family. This also goes for religious affiliations and church scholarship opportunities.

2. Same family – same income level. Unless something has drastically changed in the years between siblings attending college, parents’ income should be similar. Income based scholarships that one student qualified for should qualify all siblings in the same family.

3. Same location – same local scholarships. The local general scholarships that one student applied for should also be put on the list for the siblings when it comes time to find money for college.

Make sure to make and keep copies of all scholarships that each sibling applied for. This will be a starting point for all students in the family. Keep adding to the list for each student and save a ton of time in the scholarship searching process. Can you feel the sibling scholarship love? I can!

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