Scholarship Mom Tip #168: Look for Scholarship Inspiration

scholarship inspiration

Parents often struggle these days with how to get their students to play less video games and become involved in an activity that is educational AND fun. My husband and I were dealing with that same dilemma with our youngest son, a high school freshman. He is a smart kid, but is content with going to school and then coming home and spending the rest of his day playing video games.

Knowing how important scholarship prep is, I started looking for something that might spark his interest and compel him to get out and try something new that might one day benefit him in the college scholarship department.

A new FIRST Robotics team had just formed in our area and my husband and I strongly encouraged him to try out “just one meeting”. Well, let me tell you, it was one of the smartest parenting decisions that we’ve made in a LONG time. The advantages of being on a FIRST Robotics team are many and there are millions (yes, millions) of scholarship dollars available for FIRST members.

My son is learning computer coding, robot building, marketing, safety, proper use of hand tools, and so much more. Read about our experience so far with FIRST Robotics and the results of our first competition here:(

Sometimes we need to give our students a little push in the right direction and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones, especially when we see them stuck in a rut and not developing the skills we know are just waiting to get out. I highly recommend programs like FIRST Robotics and other similar educational, yet super fun, organizations for our kids who will be college-bound in a few short years. Sometimes parents need to give their student a little scholarship inspiration! Video games are great, but that controller needs a rest too!

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