Scholarship Mom Tip #167: Make Spring Break Scholarship Search Happen

spring break scholarship searchAs spring break week approaches for students, it can be tempting as parents to expect them to spend hours and hours applying for college scholarships. The problem comes when students embrace the “break” part of “spring break”. They want, and need, a break, but you can still make spring break scholarship search happen.

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What I found that has worked for me and my own students is agreeing to a scholarship schedule ahead of time and giving them a specific list of tasks to accomplish during their week off of school. Let them know that you have found scholarships for them and you need them to write a certain number of essays or fill out applications for an amount of time mutually agreed upon before their break starts.

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Help them to keep an eye on the prize by reminding them of the reasons they want to attend college and how much scholarship money would help the family out financially. Remind them that you are committed to partnering with them in the scholarship process and be realistic in the amount of work they will put in during their coveted Spring Break. You can also remind them to use sunscreen. 🙂

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