2016 Republican Presidential Candidates: Where’d They Go to School?

Looking at colleges to apply to? How about studying where a potential future President went to school? The list of colleges attended by the 2016 Republican presidential candidates represents 17 colleges spanning the east coast to the west. This list is part of our on-going series, “Where’d They Go To School.”

Check out where the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates went to school!Republican logo 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates where'd they go to school

Jeb Bush- University of Texas at Austin

Ben Carson- Yale University, University of Michigan Medical School

Chris Christie- University of Delaware & Seton Hall University

Ted Cruz- Princeton University & Harvard Law School

Carly Fiorina- Stanford University, University of Maryland, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jim Gilmore- University of Virginia, University of Virginia School of Law

John Kasich- Ohio State University

Marco Rubio- University of Florida & University of Miami

Donald Trump- Fordham University & University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School


Don’t forget the list of Democrat Candidates here!

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Note: This list includes the candidates who initially ran for the Republican Party nomination. Several have dropped out of the race at the time of this posting.