Scholarship Mom Tip #160: Create a Website of Achievements



Create a website of achievements to showcase your student’s accomplishments and community involvement.

Proud parents love to take pictures of their kids accepting awards, doing kind things for others, and just being all around good kids. Cell phones have made taking pictures in the spur of the moment easy and fun. For winning scholarships, parents can use positive pictures to show their student’s history of accomplishments and community involvement that is valued by organizations offering scholarship money.

Parents can take the pictures, save them on their computers, and when the time comes for their students to apply for scholarships, help them create a personal website to showcase their achievements. Creating a free website and uploading pictures is one more way to give student’s an edge on scholarship applications, especially online ones that have very limited space.

Taking and saving pictures in the years leading up to the student actually applying for scholarships will show depth and commitment, which scholarship judges appreciate. Winning scholarships has a lot to do with how well students can market themselves, so get snapping and give your student one more way to get ahead in the scholarship game!

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