#CampusChat Q&A: Tips Celebrating National Scholarship Month

national scholarship monthThis week in honor of National Scholarship Month, Monica Matthews, our Scholarship Mom, shared some tips and websites to search for scholarships. Here is the Q&A with some excellent links to help you with your scholarship search:

Q1.  What are some websites that share scholarships for U.S. veterans & their families? #CampusChat

A1   Great list on Fastweb here:  http://scholarships.fastweb.com/a-veterans  #CampusChat

A1  Scholarship search engine on Military.com here:  http://offers.military.com/v/scholarships/flow/ #CampusChat

A1  A blog post I wrote with lots of veterans scholarships:  http://how2winscholarships.com/college-scholarships-u-s-veterans-families/ #CampusChat


Q2.  How can veterans & their families have the best chance at winning college scholarships? #CampusChat

A2  Make sure they fully qualify before applying.  Apps have very specific requirements for vets/families. #CampusChat

A2  Share personal details in essay.  Tie in military involvement & get specific:  rank, years in, etc… #CampusChat

A2  Make sure the WHY is clear. “Dad in military, so college seems out of reach financially”, etc… #CampusChat


Q3.  Many are looking for scholarships with no financial need limit.  What are some of these scholarships? #CampusChat

A3  Search for academic scholarships.  They are based on grades, community service, etc… #CampusChat

A3  Find scholarships for your state here & look for those w/o financial need limits:  https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-state/ #CampusChat

A3  Apply for local scholarships, as these often don’t have financial need limits. Q6 will address local scholarships. #CampusChat


Q4  How about college scholarships for specific unique talents or traits? #CampusChat

A4  Talented in fashion?  Appy for the Duck Tape “Stuck at Prom” scholarship here: http://stuckatprom.com/ #CampusChat

A4  Love photography?  List of photography scholarships here:  http://scholarship-positions.com/photography-scholarships/2013/11/16/ #CampusChat

A4  Blessed with red hair? Go here:  http://how2winscholarships.com/scholarshipred-the-college-scholarship-for-redheads/ #CampusChat


Q5  How do students find talent/traits based college scholarships? #CampusChat

A5. Let’s use “photography” as an example to find more specific scholarships #CampusChat

A5  Google specific words with years. For example, “photography scholarships 2015 2016” #CampusChat

A5  Sign-up for scholarship websites & list photography as an interest, hobby AND career choice #CampusChat

A5  Check with major companies that sell photography equipment.  Search online AND call local businesses. #CampusChat


Q6  How do students find scholarships offered right in their own communities? #CampusChat

A6  Students need to get a local college scholarship list from their high school guidance counselor. #CampusChat

A6  Students & parents can visit ALL area high school websites to find more local scholarships. #CampusChat

A6  Community foundation websites are another great place to find local college scholarships. #CampusChat


Q7  How is applying for local scholarships different from trying to win big national ones? #CampusChat

A7  Students need to bring community experiences into the essay for local scholarships. #CampusChat

A7  They should share details about local volunteering & how they have made a difference in their community. #CampusChat

A7  Use essay to provide local background “I was born here & would like to share my talents here after I graduate” #CampusChat


Q8  What are your best online college scholarship submission tips? #CampusChat

A8  Insert a link to a personal website.  Also links to newspaper articles & impressive Pinterest boards #CampusChat

A8  Online apps should be submitted early, before sites get overloaded at last minute or applicant limit reached. #CampusChat

A8  Copy & paste, don’t type directly into app.  Valuable info can be lost if typed right in & time limits expired. #CampusChat


Q9 Judges read so many scholarships apps & essays, how do students make theirs stand out? #CampusChat

A9  Students need to learn how to best  market themselves & clearly show WHY they deserve the $$ #CampusChat

A9  Students need to know the background of each organizations & write towards it in the essay. #CampusChat

A9  Use my unique scholarship tips!  Find them here http://how2winscholarships.com & http://smartcollegevisit.com #CampusChat


Q10  What are your 3 BEST tips for winning college scholarships? #CampusChat

A10  Make it personal & give the judges a clear reason why they should choose YOU as their winner. #CampusChat

A10  Make sure there are NO typos/grammatical errors, proof-read & ask others to check for errors & clarity. #CampusChat

A10  Start early! There are scholarships available for all levels of students.  Keep applying until college graduation! #CampusChat