Scholarship Mom Tip #148: Shake Loose the Cobwebs

I had a teacher in high school that would randomly slam down the wooden classroom podium lid right in the middle of an exam. It startled us and drove me and my classmates crazy, but he had a good reason for this seemingly silly tradition. He believed that the distraction would help shake loose any test answers or thoughts that we were struggling with at that moment.

Do you have cobwebs in your head when it comes to completing scholarship applications?

cobweb with spiders
Take advantage of Halloween and enjoy a scholarship break. Shake loose the cobwebs and come back refreshed and ready to complete those applications!

I’ve never forgotten that teacher or what he taught us and still use a variation of his technique to this day when I’m writing and my thoughts are stuck or jumbled in my head.

Students who are working on scholarship applications and essays often get frustrated with their writing and the time it takes to do everything in their power to convince the judges that they are the best candidate for the award.

Instead of tweeting or posting about it on social media, students should stand up, walk around, shake out the cobwebs and give their minds a break.

When they come back, they will see what they have already written with fresh eyes and have a better chance of transferring exactly what they are trying to say into the scholarship application.

Reducing the frustration of applying for college scholarships can help students submit more applications and increase their chances of winning.

Share this tip with the scholarship searchers in your life and reduce their stress, which in turn reduces yours.

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