Scholarship Mom Tip #147: Personalize the Online Scholarship Application

online scholarship applicationTo continue the online scholarship application tips that I shared last week, let’s take a look at a way to fit in extra personal details in short forms that require minimal information from applicants.

To do this, find an area on the scholarship application form in which a link to a personal website or Pinterest page can be inserted. When the link is clicked, the judges are now able to see a student’s community service endeavors, favorite quotes, job experience, scholarship/activity resume and more.

A simple online scholarship application form has now been transformed into a visual window peeking into the heart and soul of the student.

There are lots of free website building sites available to take advantage of and I recommend, as it is very user friendly and does not require any experience in website building.

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Parents can collaborate with their students to build a site and use it extensively when applying for college scholarships, as well as for jobs and college applications. If the link seems too long or bulky, use a free link-shortening site such as and create a shorter, custom link, which is even MORE impressive.

Applying for college scholarships is all about students marketing themselves and finding a way to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Does your student have a personal webpage or impressive Pinterest board to share?




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