#CampusChat Q&A: The Admissions Process for Canadian Students


Flag of Canada This week’s #CampusChat guest, Jenika Heim, the EducationUSA Officer in Canada, assisting Canadian students in finding opportunities at U.S. educational institutions, shared her knowledge and expertise about the Canadian admissions process in the U.S.  Jenika is co-located at the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada) and the US Embassy in Canada. Her responsibilities include disseminating information about study opportunities in the United States through social media tools and presentations at schools and education fairs.

Below is the Q&A from the chat:

Q1 How big a draw is the U.S. college market for Canadian students? #CampusChat

A1 #Canada is the 5th largest sender of students to the #USA. 28,304 Canadians studied in the US last year; 13,000 were undergrads.

A1 I find many Canadian undergrads going to the US are interested in highly selective schools or sports scholarships.

A1 Canadians are also interested in draw of major American cities. An international experience that is not far from home!


Q2 What should US colleges do to attract Canadian students? #CampusChat

A2 Financial Aid and #scholarships are the #1 way to attract Canadians to US universities. Canadian education is less expensive.

A2 Alternatively, specialized programs and experiential learning can make paying more worth it in the end.

A2 Come to the Education fairs in #Canada and work with #EducationUSA! We are here to help connect US universities w Canadians.


Q3 How can U.S. colleges help Canadian students transition? #CampusChat

A3 Assistance with getting banking, cell phones, and driver’s licenses set-up is most important to settling in to US life.

A3 Like for any student, create a support system to help with home sickness and learning to function as an adult away from home.

A3 You are also going to have to help them with spelling. What? There is no “u” in favourite?!


Q4 What factors does a Canadian student consider when choosing a college in the U.S.? #CampusChat

A4  Finding a #campus, city, and learning environment that meets the student’s needs is most important.

A4 Determine what #university has the major you are looking for and #internship or #coop opportunities.

A4 Students should always consider their expected financial contribution first, and weigh their options carefully.


Q5 What role do parents play in helping their teen choose a U.S. College? #CampusChat

A5 Parents are very important. There are more steps to U.S. #applications than Canada ones. Parents can help organize.

A5 #Budgeting is a very important step in determining good fit. Parents need to be upfront about how much they can help pay.

A5 Parents should take their #students on campus tours when possible. Visiting in person is the best way to determine best fit.


Q6 What paperwork is necessary for Canadian students to attend college in the U.S.? #CampusChat

A6  #Canadians are lucky #intlstudents. They do not have to apply for #student visas! Info here;  http://ow.ly/SR39O 

A6 To study over the border, you need a #passport, I-20 issued from your university, and proof of finances. 

A6  At the border, you will be given a I-94. Even though you don’t have a visa, you now have F-1 international student status.


Q7 With Canadian transcripts different from U.S. schools, will it affect the student’s application? #CampusChat

A7 It is important that your transcript is read correctly. Guidance Counselors should provide these details to admissions.

A7  Canadian #GPA is out of 100. 90-100 is A+, 80-89 is A, 70-79 is B. In the US, 80-89 is a B, so you want this to be clear.

A7 Most international admissions offices are familiar with the Canadian grading system, and weigh the grades appropriately.


Q8 How do Canadians take the standardized tests for admission? Is it administered in Canada? #CampusChat

A8  There are #SAT and #ACT testing sites in all major cities across Canada. Find a testing site near u http://ow.ly/SR45B 

A8 If you live more than 75 miles away from the nearest test site, you can ask to test closer to home  http://ow.ly/SR4zI 

A8 The #SAT & #ACT test dates and versions are the same for #international test takers. Canadians can test in the #US if needed.


Q9 Do U.S. colleges make a concerted effort to attract Canadian students? #CampusChat

A9 Many US universities are interested in students from #upnorth, especially #athletes and talented students.

A9 There are several education fairs in Canada that feature US universities. Check out #SAGA15 at http://ow.ly/SR5qM 

A9 Follow #EducationUSA on social media & join our newsletter to know when US universities are visiting http://ow.ly/SR5yG 


Q10 Why should colleges recruit Canadian students? #CampusChat

A10 Canadians have a rigorous secondary school curriculum that prepares them well for higher education. 

A10 Canadians gain a lot from an international education, and are culturally able to adjust well to US daily life.

A10 Bringing #Canadians to your #campus continues a long tradition of positive #borderrelations between the #US and #Canada.