Scholarship Mom Tip #140: Don’t Wait for Test Scores

don't wait for test scores to apply for scholarships
Apply early, apply often, and apply SMART to win scholarships!

I was recently contacted by a mom who was given a questionable piece of advice concerning her high school senior daughter and about applying for college scholarships.

Her daughter did not have a very high ACT score, so was taking a test prep course before taking it again. This is a great plan, BUT she was told by the person in charge of the test prep course to NOT have her daughter apply for any scholarships until her ACT score was raised.

This advice is incorrect and not smart and here’s why:

Many scholarship applications do not even have a place for students to enter their standardized test scores.

In fact, I just went back and checked the last five scholarships that I highlighted and shared on my site (How to Win Scholarships) and none of them had a minimum test score requirement or asked specifically for the applicant’s score.

Students who wait to apply for college until they achieve higher test scores (which unfortunately might not ever happen) will be missing out on tons of opportunities to win scholarship dollars.

They need to apply early, apply often, and apply SMART to have the best chance of winning college scholarships.

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