Scholarship Mom Tip #138: Renewable Scholarships have Requirements

Renewable Scholarships have specific Reporting Requirements

For those students who have won renewable college scholarships, it is extremely important that they are aware of what is required in order to keep the scholarship money for more than the first year or even beyond the first semester.

keep up with renewable scholarshipsMost renewable scholarships have specific requirements such as a minimum G.P.A., full-time student status, sports team agreements, staying with a certain major, continued enrollment at a certain school, and/or reapplication guidelines.

The method that the student reports to the organization in charge of renewable scholarships is also important. There are deadlines to adhere to, emails to write and answer, and grade reports to submit.

If you or your student has won a renewable college scholarship, congratulations! Now be diligent and uphold the requirements needed in order that the money is added to the right tuition account every year that the original award specified and don’t let that hard work go to waste.

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