Q&A with Temple University’s Theater, Film and Media Arts: Encouraging Your Student in the Arts


This week’s #CampusChat guest was Paury Flowers of Temple University tweeting about their Theater, Film and Media Arts Program. Temple’s hallmark programs in theater, film, and media arts engage gifted students with nationally and internationally recognized faculty scholars and professionals. Together they fuse the highest quality professional training with rigorous scholarship and consummate artistry to forge a passionate, diverse creative learning community dedicated to making a difference in the human community through applied artistry.

Following is the Q&A featuring Paury’s advice on how to encourage your college bound student in the arts:


Q1 What does a degree in film, theater, and media arts entail? #CampusChat

A1 A degree in TFMA is outstanding liberal arts classes with focused studies along a creative path you are passionate about #CampusChat

A1 A degree in FMA is learning hands-on production experience from day 1 combined w/ studies of great techniques and theory #CampusChat

A1 A degree in Theater is engaging in what it means to be a Citizen Artist with art that connects to a real voice & community #CampusChat


Q2 How would you use this degree after graduation? What type of careers?#CampusChat

A2  Careers in Theater and Film and Media Arts industry are numerous & an enterprising artist can find ways to support other sectors #CampusChat

A2  education nonprofits & even corporate America needs the skills & expertise of improv public speaking media editing and writing #campuschat

A2 Temple combines a liberal art base with special training in the arts that gives you options for success #CampusChat


Q3 Why are parents afraid of these type of college majors? #CampusChat

A3 Understandably parents don’t want to invest real resources in a dream but in a defined goal with action steps #CampusChat

A3 I educate on facts abt how we prepare our students with opportunities like LA Study Away where 40% turn internships into jobs #CampusChat

A3 I remind them that with 17 colleges & schools and the creative learning lab that is Philly real opportunities are everywhere! #CampusChat


Q4 How can you help ease parents minds regarding their students interest in this degree program? #CampusChat

A4 Try not to battle them on it. Set them up in a environment to be successful no matter what #CampusChat

A4 I talk to amazing TFMA transfer students forced into doing something else. They lament on the lost time perfecting their craft #CampusChat

A4 If they have work excites them & makes them roll out of bed rather than hit snooze and groan that’s well worth the investment #CampusChat


Q5 How can students prepare for this type of college major? #CampusChat

A5 Tune in to social & print media outlets related to your creative field of interest #CampusChat

A5 Go see creative work in action at theater shows & film festivals especially at institutions you are interested in attending #CampusChat

A5 I always invite prospective families to see one of our 6-8 theater productions or come to film screenings on campus #CampusChat


Q6 What does a student need to apply for admission to this type of program? #CampusChat

A6 We look for a GPA of 3.0, well-rounded transcripts, good recs and solid writing skills evidenced in your college essay #CampusChat

A6 Being test optional means you can apply without great SATs or ACTs scores but be prepared to write a lot more & with skill #CampusChat

A6 Unless you’re auditioning for Musical Theater no other TFMA programs require previous preparation or portfolios #CampusChat


Q7 Are the professors/teachers in your program actual media makers? #CampusChat

A7 Absolutely and really I don’t think our TFMA faculty toot their own horns enough! #CampusChat

A7 Both Peter Reynolds (AD of Mauckingbird Theater) & Kimmika Witherspoon-Williams impact diverse voices Philly theater everyday #CampusChat

A7 Profs @laurenwolkstein @eugenehaynes use their mediamaking as bridges for reaching into local national intnl communities in need #CampusChat


Q8 What is unique about Temples Theater, Film and Media Arts program? #CampusChat

A8 Film students work on producing individual portfolio of work from day one and still have resources to record on celluloid film #CampusChat

A8 Acting students have the option of auditioning for admission & theater production auditions during the year are open campus-wide #CampusChat


Q9 What advice would you give parents when their students express interest in this field? #CampusChat

A9 Visit the department, speak with the faculty and have students sit in on classes #CampusChat

A9 See their live performances and shows if possible #CampusChat

A9 Take their interest seriously and see your support transform them into taking themselves seriously as artists #CampusChat