Scholarship Mom Tip #133: Don’t Pay to Play for Scholarships

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Have you gotten one of these letters in the mail?

They give high praise for your stellar student, even if he or she does not have very good grades. Sound fishy? Well, it is and I do not recommend that parents or students pay to join these “honor societies”.

do not pay to play for scholarships - no checkbook needed

Don’t pay to play for scholarships EVER!

True and valid scholarship opportunities do not require students to pay to apply. The only money that should be involved in applying for college scholarships comes when mailing the envelopes to the organization offering the awards in the form of a regular postage stamp or extra postage for over-sized envelopes.

Resist the temptation of the seemingly easy way out and find and apply for scholarships that are legitimate opportunities for a student to impress the judges with grades, community service, leadership, and/or essay writing skills. Do not waste your hard-earned money and pay to apply for college scholarships!


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