Scholarship Mom Tip #131: Tweet Smart

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Does your teen tweet smart?

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a young teenager who loves Twitter. She found it funny that she had blocked her mom from reading and responding to her tweets.

I gently reminded her of how college scholarship judges and admissions officers may read the tweets, profiles, and usernames of students when making tough award and enrollment decisions.

The next thing I knew, she had blocked ME.

Never being one to avoid a challenge and make a point, I quickly created a new email and used it to open a new Twitter account. Within five minutes I could once again read her tweets.

She did not find this funny, but I hope it’s a lesson for all students and their parents who are in, or approaching, the college prep and scholarship process. What is found online can never truly be hidden and privacy settings are not 100% guaranteed.

Teen Tip Social Media 101: What Goes Online Stays Online

Students need to tweet smart or risk losing valuable scholarship dollars!

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