Scholarship Mom Tip #130: The Scholarship Essay-Read Before You Write

Learning the habits and actions of winners is a common practice for any sport or activity in which players are trying to get ahead and become stronger.

Before writing the scholarship essay…

read scholarship essays onlineCollege scholarship seekers can learn how to write stronger and more compelling essays when they take the time to read the essays of students who have won the scholarship they are applying for in previous years.

Before beginning to write the scholarship essay, students simply need to click around on the site offering the scholarship and see if they can find any information about the previous winners.

If the winning essays are published, they can read through them to get a feel for the kind of student the scholarship judges are looking for in their winners.

Doing a generic search for winning scholarship essays is also a good practice to help students learn to write stronger essays. Check out these examples of winning essays!

The scholarship essay is the heart of the scholarship application, and students who understand this and write with their hearts will increase their chances of winning more money for school. Discover what you can learn from winners!

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