Parent College Coach Tip #65: Don’t Forget the Pre-College Costs

pre-college costsWhen you’re thinking about paying for college tuition, books, room, board, travel, and added costs come to mind. But did you know there are pre-college costs to consider? They might seem insignificant at first—$20 here, $10 there. These fees over the course of four years of college prep can certainly add up.

Test fees

There will be standardized test fees, AP and IB exam fees, and subject test fees. If your student takes multiple tests, there will be multiple fees. If your student misses a deadline to register, there will be late registration fees. The testing fees begin junior year with the PSAT and end senior year with the AP exams and subject tests.

Tutoring fees

If your student needs a tutor to navigate some of the AP or honors classes, tutors charge by the hour. Even if you opt for an online tutoring experience or invest in apps to help, there will be a fee. If your student requires tutoring for the standardized tests, these fees can be substantial.

College visits

Traveling to visit colleges can be costly. Add up the transportation, meals, and lodging for several college visits and these can climb into the thousands if the colleges are a substantial distance from home.

Application fees

College application fees can add up, especially if your student is applying to 8-10 colleges, as most students do. The average college application fee is around $35, though some colleges charge up to $60. Multiply that times 10 and you have hundreds of dollars just to apply to the colleges.

College counselors

If you opt for a college counselor to help with the college application you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. Many parents feel this is worth the investment, but it is an expensive one.

College help books and advice

Most parents purchase college help books about financial aid, college admissions, and scholarships. Expect to do the same.

For some help with reducing or eliminating these costs, I have compiled a list of free resources that can help: Scoring FREE Pre-College Costs.

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