Scholarship Mom Tip #114: Parents – Don’t Write Scholarship Essays

Parents, resist the temptation to write your procrastinating teen's scholarship essays. Judges can easily tell when scholarship essays are student-written, and when they aren't.Parents – Resist the temptation to step in and write scholarship essays.

It can be very tempting for parents of procrastinating teens to take over and write college scholarship essays for their students.

According to scholarship judges, besides being wrong, it is obvious when students are not the ones doing the writing.

Scholarship judges have read thousands of essays and have learned to discern real, honest, student-written information from that of essays written by desperate and frustrated parents.

What parents CAN do is work together with their students to brainstorm essay ideas, proofread content, and encourage students by reminding them of deadlines.

When students feel like they are not alone in the college scholarship process, they are much more receptive to applying and as a result, more scholarships are applied for and the chances of winning increase.

Parents, be supportive, not authoritative, in the college scholarship process with your students!

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