Scholarship Mom Tip #108: Facebook Scholarship Searches

Facebook scholarship searches make a great addition to your scholarship search routine. Here's why.Last month I shared how Twitter is a great place to find scholarships and scholarship tips. Today let’s talk about Facebook.

Facebook scholarship searches should be part of your scholarship search routine.

Facebook supports hashtags (these things: # ), so finding scholarship information is really easy.

Just type “scholarships” into the Facebook search bar at the top of the page and hit enter.

You will be given a long list of Facebook pages and posts that mention the word scholarships. From here you can follow pages (“Like” them) and see what others are saying about scholarships.

Facebook is a great way to find current information about scholarships, new scholarships, and scholarship tips from a wide variety of experts and businesses that offer them.

Don’t do Facebook? I’ll bet your kids do!

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Overwhelmed with all of the information Facebook scholarship searches can bring? Take a look at Scholarship America’s Facebook page for a start.

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