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Scholarship Mom Tip #107: Ask Your Guidance Counselor

Ask your guidance counselor for help in your scholarship search.As part of your scholarship search, be sure to ask your guidance counselor.

It’s pretty well known that high school guidance counselors have so many kids assigned to them that personal interaction with each one can be next to impossible. But keep in mind …

High school guidance counselors know a lot about college scholarships and get new scholarship information mailed to them frequently.

If you’re a smart and savvy scholarship searching student, you need to make sure to ask your guidance counselor about college and scholarship opportunities. Take the initiative to let your counselor know how hard you are working on and searching for scholarships.

Making the time to stop by the counseling office frequently and getting to know a counselor can pay off big time when new scholarships are posted, when counselors have new scholarship literature to pass out, and when letters of recommendation are needed.

Students, don’t be shy about making the first move and getting to know your high school guidance counselor.

Your high school counselor wants you to win college scholarships and is on your side!


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