Scholarship Mom Tip #106: Good Scholarship Search Site

Find a good scholarship search site that really helps: Start with a well-known scholarship site recommended by a trusted resource.With so many choices on the web, how do you find a good scholarship search site?

For starters, find a scholarship site that is recommended by a well-known source.

There are many scholarship search sites for students to take advantage of when looking for college scholarships. One of my favorites is

This site is free for students and has been rated the most accurate scholarship search site by

In addition to the thousands of private college scholarships that shares, is the unique scholarship opportunities offered from the site itself, many of which don’t require lengthy essays or have stringent qualification requirements.

An informative blog that is spot-on with its scholarship advice and tips can also be found at ScholarshipExperts.

Check it out by going here and apply apply apply for those scholarships!


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