Parent College Coach Tip #49: Read College Blogs

college blogsThis week I wrote a post about the college blogs I love. College blogs are near and dear to my heart. They are personal, informative, and easy to read. They are news stories with a personal touch and most often provide parents with information that is easily understood and applied.

Which blogs should you read?

I have my favorites, of course. This blog and my own blog (Parents Countdown to College Coach) top the list. But there are so many others. Read my post to find out the ones I recommend: Other College Blogs I Love.

Here are a few more: Dr. Strange College, PocsMom, Perfect Score Project, Best College Fit and How to Win Scholarships

How can blogs help?

Apart from the obvious (they provide information), there are other reasons to read college blogs. Use the comment section to ask a question. Most bloggers welcome questions and inquiries on their posts. It’s free advice! Make them a part of your daily routine, just like opening your email. If you subscribe to them, you’ll get the newest posts in your email. What could be easier?

With all the technical information out there and the constant barrage in social media, blogs break it down into digestible bits.

Need more suggestions? Here is Smart College Visit’s list: Blogs We Like

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