Parent College Coach Tip #46: Boxing Day Tips for the College Bound

boxing dayI have a friend in Canada who first mentioned “Boxing Day” to me a few years ago. I knew all about Black Friday but had never heard of Boxing Day. I discovered, however, that Boxing Day is celebrated as a public holiday in some, mainly southern, states: Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina,Virginia and Texas. Although referred to informally as Boxing Day, officially it is called “Day After Christmas Day.” Just like Black Friday, Boxing Day is a shopper’s jackpot. The day after Christmas, stores put items on sale (especially Christmas decorations) starting at 50% off and often higher.

How can parents use Boxing Day tips for college prep?

Prepare in advance

The key to a successful college admissions process is to prepare in advance. You can’t have a profitable Boxing Day without researching the ads. It’s the same for college admissions—you should prepare BEFORE senior year slips up on you with so many tasks and deadlines.

Avoid the crowds

The best bargains can be found off the beaten path—often in small, local shops. The same is true for colleges. So many students drift toward the big name colleges, but often the smaller, liberal arts colleges can offer a quality education with smaller price tags and more merit aid.

Don’t spend beyond your ability to repay

Just because you and your student will qualify for student loans to cover the entire cost of the education, it doesn’t mean you should choose that option. Be wise about borrowing for college costs and strive toward qualifying for merit aid and finding scholarships to pay the cost.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!


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