Check your receipt, or you may wind up throwing money in the trash.

Frugal Student Tip #11 – Check Your Receipt

Do you check your receipt before you toss it?

You know by now that you should avoid money mistakes like letting late fees pile up or simply forgetting to Google a discount code before making an online purchase, but did you know you may be throwing money into the trash if you don’t check your receipt?

Free Money

Many stores give discounts for a future purchase or “store bucks” on their receipts. If your receipt is from a store you frequent, be sure to take a look for what’s basically free money. Some large chains will offer you 50% off one item on your next purchase, for instance, or $5 off a $25 purchase a few days later. This sort of discount can give you significant savings if used to stock up on necessities.

Store Coupons

Many stores have their own coupons that print out just after your receipt. These can be great discounts! Experienced coupon users can tell you that it’s hard to beat a store coupon. They are often valued at a dollar or more. If it’s a product you already use — and it’s likely it will be, as many stores use market data from your shopper’s card purchase history to tailor your coupons — you can save several dollars per week this way.

So you’re thinking “Big deal. A couple of dollars,” are you? Remember how quickly a few dollars a day can build up, as calculated in the latte factor.

Check your receipt for free money

Don’t walk away and leave your store coupons in the printer at the checkout. Don’t crumple up your receipt and throw it in the trash can on your way out the door. Remember that every little bit of savings counts. Save your pennies and you’ll soon be counting dollars.

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