Scholarship Mom Tip #98: Help your recommendation letter writers

Help you recommendation letter writers by providing information about yourself.Specific information about you will help your recommendation letter writers provide a better letter for the scholarship judges.

When asking trusted adults to write letters of recommendation, students should not be afraid to give them specific details about themselves that tie them to the scholarship they are applying for.

If your recommendation letter writers know you as that “nice kid from the neighborhood” or something similar, provide specific information about yourself that ties in with the scholarship you seek.

For example, a letter that is written for a scholarship that is offered to students entering the healthcare field would impress the judges if details were shared about the student volunteering at their local hospital.

A scholarship offered for engineering students could include a letter from the after-school robotics club instructor explaining the student’s high aptitude for designing and building robots.

Scholarship judges want real, specific, and honest reasons why someone would recommend that student for their award.

Scholarship recommendation letter writers often send nice letters with generic wording. A letter that provides specific details, especially details that directly relate to the scholarship itself, will stand out.

Students need to pick their letter writers carefully and share information with them that will make their letter writing accurate and believable.


A scholarship resume can be a valuable tool and time-saver — for you and your scholarship recommendation letter writers.

Think it’s too early to start the scholarship search and application process? You don’t have to be a senior. High school freshman can apply for some scholarships.

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