Scholarship Mom Tip #97: Scholarship Reminders

Scholarship reminders are important to help teens stay on track, and texts are better than a simple verbal reminder.Scholarship reminders are helpful to busy teens, but more so when they’re given in the teens’ own language.

Parents know that high school and college students are very busy.

They are busy with their social lives, academics, sports, after school clubs, part-time jobs and more. Getting them to find time to apply for college scholarships can be tricky.

My best tip is to communicate with them in their language. This means, instead of a verbal reminder (“That scholarship essay is due tomorrow!”) a simple encouraging scholarship reminder text sent a few weeks before the due date might work better.

Try texting something like the following:

You are a great writer, just letting you know that the credit union scholarship essay worth $1000 is due next week. I can proofread it for you when it’s done.

Believe that your student CAN and WILL win college scholarships and they will be more apt to believe it themselves — and more likely to make time to apply, apply, apply!


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