Scholarship Mom Tip #96: Be Yourself on Your Scholarship Application

Be yourself on your scholarship application. The judges can tell when you are fabricating the perfect candidate.Be Yourself.

Scholarship application judges can tell when you are trying to be someone else and create a “Super Candidate” character.

It’s important to be yourself when filling out scholarship applications and writing essays. Don’t be tempted to wear a mask and make yourself out to be someone that you are not.

Scholarship judges can easily see when students are creating what they think to be the perfect scholarship applicant.

Good news: Seasoned scholarship judges can just as easily spot an authentic voice in essays. Applicants who heed the tips provided in Write From the Heart and take the scholarship founder’s intentions into account will stand out from the run-of-the-mill biographical essays.

Another reason to be yourself: Remember that references are often required to share their contact information and can easily be called to verify student claims.

Save the mask, costume, and super-hero cape for Halloween and be honest, open, and 100% you when applying for college scholarships.

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