Parent College Coach Tip #39: No Tricks, Just Treats

no tricks, just treatsNo tricks, just treats.

On Wednesday night’s #CampusChat we had a timely discussion about the scary side of college prep. The overwhelming opinion was that college prep won’t “trick” you if you take into account these three “treats”.

Get expert advice when needed

If you’re overwhelmed, get help. It’s really that simple. There are any number of resources for parents to use from professional admissions counselors to experts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you have a question, ask. You will be surprised at the amount of experts who are willing to help you through the process.

Have an honest conversation about finances

Don’t let money cause fear to creep in. Have an honest conversation with your teen about what you can afford, what you expect them to contribute and how you will be paying for the education. Have this talk before the college search begins so that there are no surprises when a college offers them admission but no financial aid.

Embrace the experience with your teen

Don’t look at this as an inevitable moment of saying goodbye. Look at it as your child, whom you’ve spent years teaching and training, is finally becoming an independent adult–making his own choices and decisions. This is a monumental moment in both of your lives. Embrace it and enjoy it. It’s the biggest “treat ” of all!

Many parents feel college prep can be scary. It’s understandable due to the tremendous amount of paperwork involved, the vast amount of information that needs to be assimilated in a short period of time, and the inevitable feelings of insignificance their teens often feel in the midst of the process. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Get help! We’re all here for you.

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