Scholarship Mom Tip #90: Family Volunteering

Family volunteering is a great way for parents to encourage their kids and help them win college scholarships. These ideas will help you get started.Family volunteering is one way parents can play a big role in helping their students develop their resumes and win college scholarships.

Volunteering as a family and doing community service projects together is a great way to encourage your student and help them see how rewarding volunteering can be.

Contact local churches and non-profits and look for activities that would be fun and rewarding. Activities such as car washing on a hot day for a good cause, or baby-sitting young children for an adult bible study hour, are just a couple of ideas.

Once students become familiar with giving their time and helping out others, they will become comfortable with volunteering on their own and make contacts with community leaders who will appreciate their good works.

College scholarships that focus on volunteering are very popular and should not be skipped because of a lack of community service hours. Family volunteering is a great way to show students the ropes.

Start now, no matter how old your student is, and teach them the importance of volunteering!

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