Scholarship Mom Tip #89: Investigate Scholarships for Majors

Scholarships for majors are available. Students should include a "by major" search in the scholarships they are applying for.Most high school students are unsure of their career choice and go into college undecided about their major.

This actually opens up more scholarship possibilities. ¬†For example, if a student is thinking about engineering OR graphic design, that student can apply for scholarships in both of these fields. Students should explore all interests and apply for every scholarship that they can, especially if they find scholarships for majors that interest them. When it comes time to declare a major in college, they will have had a few years of taking various classes that help them decide on a major and see their academic strengths more clearly. In the meantime, students should leave no scholarship stone unturned — and apply, apply, apply!

Get started!

Explore careers and scholarships at well-known sites such as Fastweb and The College Board’s Big Future.

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