Scholarship Mom Tip #88: Mind Those Scholarship Due Dates

Scholarship due dates can be as early as late summer or fall. Savvy students can apply for these early for better odds.Scholarship due dates can vary widely.

Don’t just assume the scholarship due dates are in the spring like most admissions application deadlines.

Current college-bound high school seniors are probably more focused right now on college applications, rather than scholarship applications.

Although there are more scholarship applications due in the spring, there are still lots with scholarship due dates that are early — even early fall and late summer (NOW)!

Scholarships with early due dates have less competition, which increases the chances of winning for savvy students who apply early. Searching for scholarships with September, October, November, and December due dates will result in a super list of applications to begin working on immediately.

Don’t wait. Apply for scholarships often and EARLY!

There are many scholarship resources available online — do your own search, or start with a well-known site like Fastweb.

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