Scholarship Mom Tip #81: Scholarship Guidance from Parents

Scholarship guidance is a must! Leaving scholarships to teens is like just handing over the car keys and letting them drive without help.Parents play a key role in scholarship guidance

Leaving teenagers alone in the college scholarship process is a lot like teaching them how to drive by just handing them car keys.

Students need scholarship guidance — and the more parental involvement, the more scholarships they will be able to apply for. The more scholarships they apply for, the better their chances of winning.

Parents can play a key part in the scholarship guidance process right from the start by helping their teen become organized, finding scholarships they qualify to apply for, reminding them of deadlines, and much more.

Moms and dads, don’t be afraid to become involved. Learn along with your student the best ways to create scholarship application packets that stand out from the rest and impress the judges. Take their hand and become partners in the college scholarship process right from the start!

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