Scholarship Mom Tip #78: Scholarship Essays – You’re not just answering a question

Scholarship essays are more than just the answer to the essay question.Scholarship essays are more than just the answer to a question

The best scholarship essays are those that move the scholarship judges and compel them to want to know more about the student who wrote it.

Essays should contain personal details that are true, interesting, and pertain to the organization offering the scholarship money. Judges may have hundreds (or thousands!) of essays to read, so students need to use their words to stand out and shine.

A little research into the mission, philosophy, or values of the organization will go a long way when strategically added into scholarship essays.

If possible, students need to see if the essays of previous winners are published on the company’s website to get a better idea of the kind of candidates who are chosen to win the scholarship money.

Writing winning scholarship essays is much more than simply answering a question!

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