Get a job!

job experience loop
How do you get a job without any experience when you need experience to get a job?!

You need a job now, but you don’t have the experience for the job you want. What’s a job-seeker to do? Take heart. While you may not land an executive position with an expense account and company car right off the bat, there are strategies to help you on your path to your dream job.

Think about what you can do now and what you already bring to the table. Then, see if the links below provide some insight and ideas.

  • Heed this advice from Scholarship Mom Monica Matthews – when you need experience for your resume, volunteering can be a perfect way to show leadership and initiative, and you can pick a volunteer project that complements your chosen field (even if your first job is well outside your major field).
  • Scholarship Mom notes also that it’s time to Clean Up Your Social Media act. Rest assured, human resources professionals know how to Google — and they will be interested in what your online persona reveals.
  • Take a look at the Scholarship Mom proofreading tips, too. Nothing will derail your employment chances like a preventable typo on a resume or cover letter.
  • Speaking of resumes, is yours ATS-proof? In other words, does it meet requirements to get past automated readers, with no format problems such as special characters and poor font choice? The folks at CyberCoders have a helpful infographic for job seekers.
  • More helpful interview and resume tips appear on our Pinterest page for infographics.
  • Get yourself on Linked In, if you’re not already there.
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