Scholarship Mom Tip #68: Volunteer Ideas for the Senior Year

Scholarship Mom tip -- volunteer senior yearIt’s not too late! Volunteer senior year with these ideas.

Last week’s Scholarship Mom Tip #67 involved the value of community service and encouraged students to start early — in middle school or even elementary school. If a student has not done this, however, it’s not too late to make an impact on their community — students can even volunteer senior year.

Students can come up with a project that they design and run themselves, allowing them to hold the title of “Founder” or “Creator.” This shows leadership, which is very impressive to scholarship judges.

Dedicating a few volunteer hours a week for their whole senior year working on their project will give them lots of hours to record on scholarship applications. A senior year volunteer project will show commitment. Showing dedication to one cause is more impressive than a few random hours at the local soup kitchen.

To get started, students can brainstorm with their parents, church or community leaders, and/or relatives to come up with ideas that are interesting to them and benefit their community.

Additionally, you can search for “volunteer senior year” sites, or take a look at and Volunteer Match to get some great ideas.