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National Security Studies: Majoring in Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Were you the kid running around the neighborhood with a blanket cape tied around your neck? Are your favorite shows the ones where the good guys win? A national security studies major may be your life’s path.

If you’re considering criminal justice or public safety majors in your college search, think beyond the crime scene investigators you’ve seen on television.

Protecting the U.S. from foreign enemies is crime fighting on a high-tech, international level. A bachelor’s degree in National Security Studies from the University of New Haven is the perfect pathway to a fulfilling career for students interested in serving their country in the intelligence field.

You may not have noticed any programs in national security studies as you scroll through college major lists. You’ll find few universities offering national security studies as an undergraduate program, and even fewer who have the proven record of long-standing programs at the graduate level. UNH has offered a successful graduate national security study program for more than a decade through the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, and now offers a bachelor’s degree program for students who wish to begin their careers immediately following their undergraduate studies.

With course work in subjects like mapping and modeling threats using geospatial analysis, and course titles like “Investigating Financial Crimes” – as well as the only financial crime certification in public safety – UNH provides you with the tools you need to develop into a sought-after intelligence analyst. You’ll also get the language skills that you need to succeed – students take at least two years of Arabic, Chinese, or Russian – all extremely valuable languages to the intelligence community.

UNH - The University of New HavenIf you have dreams of being a crime fighter working in information technology, imagine yourself with a national security job working for the Department of Defense or a defense contractor. You will find the University of New Haven’s Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies major among the best in the nation.

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