International College Studies – Will You Pursue Your Dream?

Is international college study abroad part of your college dream?
International study or study abroad can help you achieve your college education dreams.

A poor chess player can still make a remarkable move. – Wang Yinggui

International college studies can take you abroad and so can the pursuit of a dream.

Not too long ago, I read a really funny true story of the two years Matthew Polly spent in China living, training, and performing with the Shaolin monks. “American Shaolin” is his tale of pursuing his dream to become the toughest fighter in the world after being tormented in the schoolyard of his Kansas school, as Caine did in his favorite 1970’s TV series Kung Fu.

While I don’t advocate dropping out of Princeton to pursue your dream as Polly did, I do believe there is value in doing some soul searching to figure out what you would like to pursue and become “expert” at doing.

Of course, just doing that is valuable, but taking action is even more so. College offers so many opportunities to explore beyond your major coursework. Why not explore the international community or study abroad?

I recently met a woman who became a master in Tai Chi and, since she loved it so much, decided to follow it up with learning to speak Chinese. These people inspire me to look into my heart and find something to be passionate about, to explore and to grow. What do you dream about? What passion will you choose to follow? Like Wang Yinggui’s quote, I may not be great at everything, but I can still do something extraordinary.