Scholarship Mom Tip #58: Reuse, Recycle, Rework

Recycling college scholarship essaysReusing essays is a smart way to save time and apply for more college scholarships.

Each essay should be photocopied and saved to a specific computer file.

Save even more time when finding them to reuse by including the essay topic, word count, and name of the scholarship provider in the title or subject line.

For example, a 500 word essay on leadership for a college scholarship offered by Burger King should be saved as, “Leadership500BurgerKing.”

If a new scholarship application calls for an essay on leadership, but the word count requirement is 550 words, the 500 word essay can easily be found and reworked until it becomes a 550 word essay. This “new” essay is now saved as “Leadership550”.

A big part of winning college scholarships is being organized and applying for as many possible. Apply! Apply! Apply!

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