Scholarship Mom Tip #57: Earn Points to Win

Contests to earn points to win scholarships are gaining popularity.

earn points to win scholarships
Click-to-win scholarship contests are gaining popularity.

Many scholarship searchers are curious about “no essay scholarships” that are more like contests than true scholarship applications. These “earn points to win” scholarships have students earn points for visiting certain online sites, completing surveys, and/or filling out other scholarship applications.

While I would not advise students to commit 100% of their time to trying to win these types of scholarship contests, I do think that spending a few minutes a day earning points does not hurt. Most of the winners of these scholarships share that they only entered points a few times and were shocked to be selected as winners.

Since winners are randomly selected, students with a few points could possibly win scholarship money without spending hours trying to earn as many points as possible. One such site is Scholarship Points, which also shares several regular scholarships a week with students and encourages them to apply.

Earning points to win scholarships is an additional way for students to do all they can to try and win as much money as possible for college!