Scholarship Mom Tip #55: Search on Twitter

Most parents and their students know how to find scholarships online and search for them in scholarship listing books. What many do not know is that Twitter is a great place for finding current college scholarships, as well as scholarship tips and advice.

Here’s how to search for scholarships on Twitter

1. Enter “scholarships” in the Twitter search box and you will find lots of tweets about scholarships from organizations offering them, individuals sharing them, and accounts promoting them.


2. Click on “all” to read all current tweets about scholarships and “top” to filter out most student comments.



3. Take the search a step further and be more specific in your searching by entering a college major with the word scholarships, such as “engineering scholarships” or “nursing scholarships”.


You will be amazed at the information you will find on up-to-date scholarships using Twitter! You might even find some of my scholarship tweets. Follow @AidScholarship and let’s connect on Twitter!