Basic Checklist for College Applications

checklist for college applicationsPeople love checklists, and the colleges don’t provide them as often as they should.

The college admission application forms ask for a lot of information that your student may not have readily available.

Here’s a checklist your teen can use before he or she sits down to fill out and submit the application.


Basic Checklist for College Applications

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Social Security Number – this may or may not be required; however, if you plan to apply
for financial aid and scholarships, your SSN will need to be submitted.
The colleges your parents attended and the dates they attended or
year of graduation.
Names and addresses of all high schools you’ve attended including the
dates attended (Month/Year to Month/Year)
Transcripts from all of the high schools you’ve attended.
Names and addresses of any college that you’ve attended. Leave “Degree Earned”
blank if you have not completed the degree program.
ACT/SAT Test Scores, dates taken, and future dates you intend to take the tests.
Names of clubs and organizations in which you have been a member
during your high school years.
Your parent’s current employer(s) and your parent’s job title.
The names of relatives (and their relation to you) who attended the university
you are applying to.
Your employment history, including dates of employment (when you started and
when the job ended).

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