Scholarship Mom Tip #39: Senior Year is Not Too Late

college chairs

Apply for scholarships early, even early in your senior year. It’s not too late to make paying for college more comfortable!

As new high school seniors are starting their last year of high school, their heads are filled with pretty much anything other than applying for college scholarships, especially since most of them haven’t even decided upon or applied to any colleges yet.

Parents can bring their students down to earth a bit by having a discussion and revealing how much it will cost for them to attend the school of their dreams and how much the family has saved or can realistically contribute to these costs. In doing this, students will usually see the importance of applying for college scholarships right away, as there are tons of scholarships available for high school seniors right from the beginning of the school year until they graduate in the spring.

Note: Not as many students apply for the early deadline scholarships, and less competition means greater chances of winning scholarship money!