Mom Magic for College Students from Mom Still Cares

— Kids off to college and you still want to show you care? MomStillCares to the rescue! Student care packages are a win-win!

Fotolia_53507644_XSRunning low on shampoo or toothpaste? Next week, the bathroom’s been restocked. It’s magic, right? Mom Magic. But what happens when your teen goes to college and there is no more mom magic? 

Amelia Robinette set out to solve that problem by starting MomStillCares, an online shopping service for the products that are used most often by college students.

From toiletries and laundry supplies to packaged kits such as the Campus Guy or Study Exam Pack, Mom Still Cares will let moms (and dads) show they still care about their students’ health and well-being. Shoppers, including students, can create wish lists. Gift cards are also available and, best of all, shipping for everything is free to anywhere in the US, including Puerto Rico. 

The caring doesn’t end with shopping for student care packages, Mom Still Cares gives back to others through scholarship donations to the colleges and universities where customers attend. A portion of every sale goes to a college scholarship fund. 

For more information (or to show you care, too), visit the MomStillCares site or call Amelia at 855-200-momcares.