A Scholarship That Fits Your Passion

Heart Shape with shadowIf you are one of those fortunate teenagers who has a strong vision and passion for changing the world for the better, you might want to look for scholarships that align with your volunteer work and study focus.

Service Above Self

Service Above Self is the motto for the International Rotary
Club.  Yes, the Rotary you know from its breakfast and lunches in your local town is part of an international organization that is known for tackling global problems like clean water, world peace, polio inoculations, etc.

Rotary also has scholarship programs that encourage study abroad to increase the world view of youth today, to promote volunteerism, and to encourage study in fields that support Rotary initiatives.

Check with your local Rotary Club or log-on to their official site to read more about Ambassadorial and Peace Scholarship.

Community Foundations

There are more than 700 Community Foundations in the United States and most of them award scholarships, as well as community grants.  Community Foundations are made up of smaller funds that have been together to have a greater impact.  Scholarships are often based on the donors’ passions and frequently reward commitment to service.  To find a foundation in your area, go to: the Council of Foundations website.

Student Engagement

And once you are in college, don’t stop the scholarship search.  Most colleges in the USA have yearly scholarships for students who are volunteering and putting their skills to work in the community or around the world.  Check with the Office for Student Engagement, Volunteerism, or Community Outreach on your campus.

An education can be much more than books and lectures:  Learn. Lead. Serve.