Give your Florida College Visits a Boost – Free!

– Planning campus visits to Florida colleges? You can be a student touring campuses AND be a tourist all on the same trip! The sunshine state has much to offer including tours of the Kennedy Space Center and free rocket launches!

Planning campus visits to Florida colleges? Be a student AND be a tourist!

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Make the most of your time in the sunshine state and venture over to The Kennedy Space Center where you can go on a paid tour of the Center or watch rocket launches *FREE* from neighboring Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Get more information and the check out the launch schedule here: Free in the Florida Sky: Rocket Launches.

Travel a little farther south and you can explore the architecutre of Frank Lloyd Wright on the campus of Florida Southern College or solve the riddle: What's blue and is as long as a football field? Find out at NOVA Southeastern University. No matter where you travel throughout the state of Floirda, you 'll find no shortage of exciting things to do or colleges to visit